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^4C0A4530CE54070A16070F257E8169C5523A18DE7E30BD5B93^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrLed Sign Toronto provide a range of 7-segment or full matrix LED petrol price displays to replace existing price signage.

The signs can be easily retrofitted into an existing pylon or we can assist you in replacing the whole pylon.

Ledle Media work with a number of service station systems and named /Brand such as Esso,Petroleum Plus, ECNO and many more famous brands that allow the signs to be automatically updated from the central system so when the bowser updates the signs automatically update to the correct pricing, so there is no need for the attendant to do anything.

At Ledle Media(Led Sign Toronto) can also provide a standalone system so the prices can be changed by a simple touch of a button either at the pylon or via wireless communication.


  • Ultra Bright LED’s with branded Led Lamp such as Cree, Epistar, Slian etc.
  • With ZERO Depress option.
  • Choice of LED colours: Red, Green, White, Blue, Yellow.
  • Wide Viewing Angle >180 degree.
  • Automatic dimming with Light sensor.
  • Weather resistant housing- Ip65 Graded Casing –Front Service-Industrial Grade specialised to work according to North American Weather.
  • Option of 7-Segment or Full Matrix displays
  • Optional interface to Wi-Fi, RF remote control system. with or without display remote control.
  • Different digit size options such as: 8″,10″,12″,16″ 20″ and bigger sizes.

remote controller




Item Technical Parameters
Color Red, amber, green, blue or white
Digit height 4”,6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 24″,32”,36″, 40″, 48″, 60″,64”, 72″ etc.
Digit design 4”,6″, 8″,10”, 12″,15”,18″,20”,22”,24” standard digit;
Brightness control Auto-dimming by sensor
Display Dimming Over 5 levels of automatic intensity adjustment
Viewing Angle 60~120°
Service Access Front or rear access
Master/Slave Single/Double/Three sides
Casing Material Aluminium Frame , Iron Cabinet
Waterproof Level IP53(Aluminium Frame)
IP65(Iron Cabinet)
LED Driving mode Static constant current
Power Input 110/220VAC , 60Hz/50Hz
PC Communication RS232
Communication Distance Max.15meters for RS232, 1200meters for RS422
Remote control type RF remote control (Standard)
(RF wireless remote control with communication range of 100m.)
Lifetime of LEDs > 100,000 Hours
Installation method Hanging, mounting or per custom design
Working Temperature -40°C to +50°C

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